Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 30 of P90X (well 29, but close enough!)

Here we are, day 30 (29 to be exact, but I'm hoping to be a little busy tomorrow, so what's one day gonna change!??!). I've got some before and after pictures, and measurements and the best part, weight. Let's go into it!

Day 1 Day 30 Change
Chest 39" 41" 2" gain
Waist 41" 38" (3" loss)
Hips 37" 36 1/2" (1/2" loss)
Right Thigh 23" 22 1/2" (1/2" loss)
Left Thigh 23" 22 1/2" (1/2" loss)
Right Arm 13 1/2" 14" 1/2" gain
Left Arm 13 1/2" 14" 1/2" gain
and probably the most impressive part...
Weight 172.4 163.4 (9 lbs loss)

So, I'm very happy with the results thus far. I wish I would have lost a little more weight in the first 30, but again I'm not doing the diet to the exact T like it says, I'm mainly just watching portion control and drinking a lot more water. I've cut back pop to only 1 glass on the weekends. And I chose to have 1 Free Day per week to eat pretty much whatever. I don't go crazy, but I can say I've only had fast food once in these 30 days so I think that's a big contributing factor.

I would like to say that I'm just doing this for myself, but I hope after reading some of these posts on facebook or this blog, and seeing some pictures, that it'll inspire you to make a change in your life as well.


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